How does the cover design process work?
Once you choose a package or premade, we collect information about your book during checkout. We take your vision and help you bring it to life through our design process. We are willing to work with you whether you have a specific idea in mind or a just a general tone you want to achieve. Once we complete your design you will be provided with a proof that we work together to perfect (up to the allowed proofs per package or through additional purchased proofs).

Should I be worried about stock photos being used on my book cover?
Some people worry about stock photos being used as a part of their cover design. Thankfully, it's a quite common practice in book design and there is no shame in using stock photos. The key element to remember is that blending, changing, and creating brand new people and worlds is what makes covers unique and special. Photos evoke emotion and emotion is what sells fiction book covers. We use this process with every Upgraded Ebook package and most of our premades. 

As far as our simplest design package goes, which employs a basic edit of a single stock photo and typography, there is a higher chance that you could see that photo elsewhere. We do not hold sole rights to any stock photos we purchase. You may be wondering, if it's just one photo and some text, I could do it myself, right? Yes, it's possible (and it's more than fine if you want to), but for those who need special lighting and edits to make it stand out coupled with strong typography to bring that image to life, we are more than happy to help you through our most affordable package.

Can I order an Ebook cover now and upgrade to a print cover later?
Yes, you can expand your cover to print at any point. We charge $50 for the print upgrade (the difference between the print cover package and the Ebook cover package).

What do you charge?
Our simple Ebook is $100. Upgraded Ebook is $250. Upgraded Ebook+Print is $300. You can read more about what those options include on our Packages page. If you're ready to buy, you can order from our Shop or check out or Premades gallery.

When can I expect my cover?
Once we’ve scheduled you, we will give you an estimated delivery date. We will send you a first draft on that date and then work with you through your allowed revisions (number varies depending on package). How long you have to wait between the first draft and the final cover depends on the amount and complexity of revisions and can take one to two weeks to complete.

How do I contact you?
Visit our Contact page to send us a message. We will reply back as soon as possible.

Should I wait until I have a final page count to order my print book?
You don't have to wait. We can start on the front cover design and finish the back and spine once you have all the necessary information for the print book.

What is your availability?
We are currently accepting new clients for 2018. Custom cover spots are first come, first serve. Once we reach our maximum amount of clients, requests will be put on a waiting list.

What genres do you work with?
We only do fiction covers, but we are open to most any genre within fiction. We specialize in fantasy.

What should I put on the back of my print book?
That's completely up to you. Some options would be a blurb, an author bio, an author photo, review quotes, taglines or story quotes, social media links, your author website, genre, etc. If you need an idea, it may be a good plan to check out some other books in your genre to get a feel for what is commonly used.

How does payment work?
You are able to pay for your premade, package, or add-on directly through our website. We accept payments through Stripe or PayPal. Please read our Terms of Service and Refund Policy before making a purchase.

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