On a more technical level, our design process is as follows:

1. Order your package from our affordable options
2. Share your vision with us via a short questionnaire
3. Design happens on our end while we work on your cover
4. Satisfaction is guaranteed (explained in our Refund Policy)

As the designer and creator of Atlantis Book Design, I aim to provide a service that isn't always easy to find. During my own writing journey, I searched for book cover options. Most of the designs out there were either dirt cheap (reflected in the quality) or so expensive I had to save for months to afford one. Those in between were often booked out almost a year in advance. Just like many authors, I worked a full-time job to pay bills and wrote during rare free moments. And like you, I know that sometimes our budgets don't allow for the services we need. My goal is to change that. I believe that every author deserves a beautiful cover, and with our services you can find a package or a premade to fit your needs.

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